Today was freshman move in.  Balloons and banners decorated the university.  I was standing near one of the main entrances, waiting to meet up with a friend.  While waiting, I was watching a young guy with his mom and dad.  They had out their cameras and were taking pictures next to the large university sign – obviously proud to be the parents of such a bright young mind.  As they stood there smiling, I watched from the distance and prayed.  I prayed that, rather than solely memorizing textbooks and formulas, that he would be exposed to the Living God and that his life would be forever changed.  Believe along with me!  Join with us in lifting up the students of this university. 


With a little less than 4 months remaining until we will be heading home for a season, we have big dreams and visions for what we would like to see happen. Specifically, I’m believing to work really close with a couple girls that are hand selected by God.  Another teammate is believing for the same with some guys.  We’re expecting salvations.  Miracles.  Lives changed.  We’ll also be continuing our weekly on campus worship, which I pray will continue long after we have left the city.  Let’s see a church planted!  Pray with us!  And of course, we are believing that our language abilities will continue to get closer and closer towards our vision of fluency.


Please be lifting up my friend Mellan, a girl I strongly feel that I am supposed to be focusing on in the months to come.  Mellan is a girl I met months ago through getting together on campus and worshipping with friends.  We exchanged numbers, but never got into contact with each other.  Through a couple different divine encounters, we ended up reconnecting.  She has expressed interest in learning English and learning about the Bible, so naturally, we get together and read the Bible ( in both languages).  So far we have met together twice. Today, as we met, we focused specifically on the Lord’s prayer.  We even had the opportunity to pray together.  I’m looking forward to continuing to meet with her into the months ahead.  Please pray specifically for her salvation!


Thanks again for all of your love and prayers!  We couldn’t be here without all of you guys back home constantly lifting us up!  I thank God for every single one of you!