I wanted to let you all know some of the things God is doing over here!  I have one story in mind at the moment; this one is a little bit older but is a great testimony of God’s goodness and power.

We have a friend named Apple who came into the family this year (she prayed to God to heal her tongue and He did! Then she made the decision).  Apple had gone to the doctor’s, and there they found a tumor in her breast.  After some scans, it was determined to be non-cancerous (I don’t know the right word for that off the top of my head) but the doctors did not know what to do about it.  Over Spring Festival break (Asian New Year) she was praying, and said something like this, “God, I know I am your child, and I know that you love me.  Please heal me.  Please remove this tumor.”  At the end of the break she went to the doctors again for another scan and to see what to do about the tumor.  When they took scans this time around, the scan was completely gone! God had healed her!

Now her and one of our other friends, Jessica (and hopefully Herbert soon! He has been reading the book so much! In 3 weeks he has read Matthew 3 times, half of Luke, and half of Romans!) want to be baptized!  They have come up with a plan that Kelsey, a girl who has been in the faith a little while now and is pretty solid, will baptize Jessica, and then Jessica, who played a large part in Apple coming into the family, will then baptize Apple! 

At our Easter party, some very cool things happened.  I was leading some Worship with a few people in the local language and English, and I think there were 2 or 3 other conversations about God going on at the same time.  While all this was happening, Jessica was struggling with some things and Apple was praying for her right in the middle of the room!  It is so cool to watch these friends come to God and begin maturing in Him!

Praise Him!!

Please keep our fellowship that was started on the campus we are on in your prayers.  It seems to be going strong, with new people coming all the time, but please pray that it will grow and multiply and have God’s blessing upon it! Also that it will continue over the summer when we are gone (right now it is all in the local language and is operating mostly independent of us, but some students will be going home or away for good at the end of the semester).  Please keep praying for Herbert! He is sooo stinkin close!  For him, he knows about God, and he believes Jesus is the son.. but is at the point where he is counting the cost.  He will be going to a gov school to become an official, so a decision to follow Jesus could completely wreck that.  He has a pretty good understanding of what following Jesus would cost him, so I’m just praying that God continues to pull on his heart!

Love you all, and I’ll be home before ya know it!