I don’t know if you ever feel this way, but so often I feel like in each thing I do for God it’s ultimately His grace that carries me over the finish line. A little more than a month ago I was praying about our last few weeks here, and felt the urge to ask that we’d see more happen at the end than we thought possible. Specifically I felt urged to ask that we would see one of our girls make the decision before we left. Call me a bad worker, but given what I knew of the girls we were working with, I didn’t really think it could happen. But I did my best to muster up some faith, and put out a doubting request.

You know what!?!? This last week not one, but TWO of our girls made the choice to believe! One of the girls we’ve only known for about 5 weeks, and the other hardly spoke any English! I’ve never felt so fulfilled by something that I feel like I did so little for. I mean really, God just handed these two to us. We didn’t say awesome words, or do inspirational acts. AND, we also had one of our guy friends believe as well! Two of those decisions were made at consecutive Saturday “book studies” which were led by our 4 month old new brother Brian. Wow! I mean, WOW!

You know the saying, “All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing”? I feel like I’d sum up our ending here as, “All it takes to great things to happen is for average people to do something!” God knew 6 weeks ago that these to girls would be ready now, and the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask for something I deemed “too big.”

So, as I hope on an airplane and come home after spending 9 months in the Orient, I’d ask you – What are you being nudged to ask for that you think is “too big?” Cause after this week I’d say, “Go for it!”

Please lift us all up, we leave here on Thursday afternoon (our time), and arrive in Rochester on Friday around dinner time.

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane…..