After 2 years of being back in the States, we are so excited to share that we will be traveling to Asia in January and February of 2018!

We are traveling back to Asia to reconnect with our Campus Target team, to visit with and minister to the Asian church in the city, and to spend quality time with our Asian brothers and sisters. Being back with our church will be a gift and encouragement!

We have an INCREDIBLE opportunity to spend an entire week teaching at a Bible School in another city. We were approached about an opportunity to teach influential pastors and leaders of the underground church movement in Asia – What an honor! We’ll dive into 40 hours worth of teaching on counseling in the church.

Our next stop will be Thailand. Each year, Campus Target has an annual retreat, conference, and strategic ministry meeting. Workers travel from different cities in Asia to meet together. After being absent for the past 2 years, we are excited to be a part of the retreat and ministry meetings!