We went on a 7-day voyage to another area of Asia saturated in Buddhist culture. Imagine yak, endless mountains and about half the air that you are used to breathing.

Besides the incredible adventures we got into, my friends and I got to meet some other foreigners who are doing amazing work! They shared their heart with us. I have never heard of people who are so dedicated to our Father’s purpose. They have given up all of their own desires to likely spend the rest of their lives in these unreached places.

As noble as it is, there hasn’t been a lot of immediate fruit. They have spent years trying to learn the language and understand the culture so they can share God’s message to these unreached people. All at the same time, they are trying to run a business and raise children. It will likely take a few more years before they break down the cultural barriers. It’s needless to say I gained a massive amount of respect for the families we got to meet.

One family was kind enough to help set up a homestay with a local ethnic family!! I have been looking for a chance to learn what it’s like to actually live in a place like this and wow, did I get it. We got to eat Yak cheese, sleep in a barn and climb a mini-mountain in our backyard. One night really wasn’t enough, I would love to spend at least a week there to get the full experience.

This trip was incredible. The passion I saw from the families we met realigned my heart and motivation. I still feel called to come back to the states and become a social worker, but this lifestyle is starting to become my core. No matter where my path goes, it feels like this trip and other times in Asia has given me a new sense of importance for telling people about God’s Love. When we look back towards the end of our lives, or even after, the only thing that will matter is how we were able to be a light to other people.