The past couple months have flown by!  Life has been intense, full of action, and absolutely incredible!  I am continually amazed that I get to play a small role in all that the Lord is doing here in Asia!  Thanks so much for partnering with me; I couldn’t be here without you guys!

Here’s an awesome story that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys:  Two of my first year workers live right next to a tea shop and have recently become friends with the young shop owner (a believer).  They can’t speak his language and he can’t speak English, but they somehow find ways to communicate and have become good friends.  I recently sat down with them and played the role of translator.  The shop owner, Joe, shared an incredible story with us about how his entire family came to know the Lord.

Years and years ago, Joe’s relatives were having a very very difficult time.  At this time, his family had no religious beliefs.  Their family was so poor that they could not afford staple foods such as rice.  They weren’t just hungry – they were starving.  As his uncle fell asleep, the Lord spoke to him so very clearly through a dream.  In his dream, he heard God speak to him, telling him that only through Jesus could he find the significance and security that he longs for.  He heard God promise provision and protection over his family.  As his uncle woke from sleep, he was full of faith and was intentional about learning more about God.  Through his faith and salvation, his ENTIRE family came to know the Lord.  Decades later, they all still believe in Jesus.  Incredible, huh?

Ready for another story? A little over 2 weeks ago, a girl named Melody said YES to Jesus.  Since then, Melody has been actively sharing the Gospel with her friends.  A week after she got saved, her friend also got saved!  And less than a week ago, she was able to share with her roommate and her roommate got saved!!!  This girl has only been a believer for 2 weeks and has already seen some of her closest friends come to know God.  This is the multiplication we’ve been praying for!  Let’s stand together and pray for more!!!! I’m expectant!!

Next weekend, a coworker and I will be starting a new church on one of our campuses.  Since we started working on this campus in August, we’ve seen 14 college students commit their lives to Christ (just on this one particular university)!!!  Now, it’s time for them to all meet each other and experience fellowship, mutual encouragement, and growth in the Lord.  Please pray that our church would multiply!  Pray that our new brothers and sisters would passionately pursue the King, and that their desire to know Him would contagiously spread throughout the whole university, into the city, and throughout Asia.  And please pray for my coworker and I as we lead this new church all in His language!

Thanks so much for standing with me and believing for the impossible in Asia.  God’s doing it!!!!!