I’m in Asia!!!!!  Yesterday was the first opportunity we had to go out on campus with our new workers.  We practiced modeling with them and showing them how we share the gospel.  After sharing the amazing new of Jesus Christ with them, 2 college students committed their lives to Him!!  Eternity was forever changed!!!!!  And today, we went back to campus and let the new workers take initiative in approaching students and sharing the Good News.  As of dinner time tonight, we have seen another salvation!  We’ve only been here for two days and have already seen 3 people come into the family.  On top of this, we’ve been able to share with many more students, some of which are very interested in learning more.  One girl I shared with, Anna, specifically asked that God would prove to her how real He is.  Can you pray for her right now?  Pray that she would experience Him like she never has before.  We will be reconnecting with her in the near future and I look forward to hearing her testify of His goodness AND for her to make a decision to follow Him.

Right now, we are in a one month long process of not only teaching all of our new workers about culture, ministry, and relationship with the Lord…….Most importantly, we are going out with them and modeling how it is all done.  With testimony after testimony from the past two days, we are all filled with faith and excitement for the next 9 months.  At the same time, we are also in a period of transition from life in America.  Please specifically be praying for our new workers as they battle jet-lag, homesickness, and any fears they may have as they jump into ministry like they’ve never experienced before. It’s gonna be awesome!

Thank you for investing in what God is doing in this beautiful nation!!!!

He is building His church!!!!