Last week, Clive, Simba, and I planned to meet and have our bi-weekly two-on-one (A time where I get together with my leaders and talk about life and my own personal walk with God).  We decided to meet at a new cafe and talk over a cup of coffee.  When we got there, however, it was evident that God had different plans. 

Immediately, the two girls who ran the cafe (Rita & Ivy) sat down and started talking to us. They were asking us how to make pizza, so we discussed (in detail) the differences between a chicken sandwich and a chicken salad sandwich.  Somewhere between chicken salad sandwiches and the culture of American music, the conversation quickly turned into talk about God.  The next thing I know, Rita is telling me that an “underground church” meets right next to their coffee shop every Friday and Saturday night.  She says that she occasionally reads the Bible to learn about the history behind it.  As Clive walks around the shop, he finds a Bible sitting on the shelf and picks it up. We share Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…”.

Fast forward to last Saturday.  The cafe was having a party, so the three of us decided to check it out.  Once again, God opened the door for us to share more about our faith with them (primarily with Rita).  We also gave them a list of our favorite musicians (worship music, of course!). We left them with Bible verses and encouraged Rita to try praying.  I also promised to meet with them within the next week and teach them how to make pizza. I sensed in my heart that these two girls and I are gonna be great friends.  I already feel like I have known them for months.

Last night, Clive got a phone call from Rita.  Through their conversation, it was more than evident that God has been doing some awesome things in her heart.  Without us ever mentioning anything to her about conviction and sin, she acknowledged that she knows that she has made wrong decisions and needs to know more about God.  She asked if we could provide her with an English Bible (because the the local translations aren’t an easy read – even for native speakers).  And today, she sends a text message saying that she no longer needs a Bible, she was given one!

Please link with us in prayer for Rita and Ivy!!!  It is more than evident that God is at work in the lives of these girls.  First and foremost, we are asking for the gift of salvation.  That Truth would be made known to Rita and Ivy! They are both very influential in this community, so pray that as Truth is revealed to them, that they would boldly proclaim it to others!

And finally, tomorrow I am meeting with them both for lunch.  Please pray for me, as I already know that Rita is going to come with a bunch of questions about God.  Pray that He gives me the words to share.  I’m trusting Him to do something awesome!

Thank you for your prayers and support!!!  Thanks for being willing to be used by Him to send me here!  You guys are changing the world!