Remember the last time you had a dream that felt so real??

Last week I had a dream that I was walking the oh so familiar streets of Asia. I was back in my city, walking outside my complex gates, with some of my closest friends and coworkers. There was laughter, joy, and life filling our hearts. We walked by the noodle stand, the vegetable stand (the one that is notorious for hanging its raw pork right over the fresh veggies), and by Bill’s and my favorite spicy sweet potato noodle soup restaurant. Apart from this, I don’t remember the details of my dream. All I know is that dreaming of Asia, the beautiful country that I love and have learned to call home, put the deepest longing on my heart to return. If I could, I’d be back there tomorrow. Oh how I miss home!

While I’m not able to hop on a plane tomorrow, tomorrow will be full of more than exciting events! Twenty-four hours from now, 16-20 young adults will be traveling from all over the U.S. to join us for April Training. The next 4 days will be packed with training, spiritual filling, a support raising bootcamp, team bonding, and much fun. You see, these 20 or so adults (and a couple more from Mexico and Malaysia that aren’t able to join us this weekend) are going to be launched into Asia in just a few short months. As we prepare these young people to head to the nations, we know the Lord will more than multiply our efforts! When these world changers head to Asia, they’ll be sharing the Gospel on a daily basis! If these 20 shared the Gospel just once a day (and let’s be real, in Asia we share the Gospel even more than that), in their 9 month stay, 5,400 Asian college students would hear about Christ! THIS is how the world gets changed!!

Please be praying for April Training (Thursday – Sunday). Pray that the hearts of each of these young adults would fall more in love with Jesus & respond to His call to the nations.