“I want to come back long-term with Campus Target,” said one of our many first-year CTers considering a longer term of service in Asia.

“What about the grad school you talked about before you left?”

“Oh, that? That was before I got on campus and realized how awesome it was here. I’m in for at least three more years!”

This is just one of many conversations I had on my trip to Asia last month. I was shocked at how many first-year people were seriously considering a long-term CT commitment, and now I just got word that 12 of our 18 first-year people have officially applied to stay in CT! This is our highest rate of return yet, and we’re so excited that such a large number of our awesome young people are feeling a future call for ministry.

Here’s a snapshot of a few of them:

  • Rus: a fireball of an evangelist. Comes from a Ukrainian family in upstate NY, and is passionate about prayer, the power of God, and reaching the college students in his city.
  • Kelsey: a gifted administrator, she’s also quite relational and outgoing. She applied to work on our Stateside team in recruiting, and I think she’ll also take to the next level some special projects that I’ve had on the back-burner for years!
  • Emily: an energetic and fun college graduate who just gave her life to the Lord recently. She has grown and matured like crazy in CT, and now she wants to reach students with the same love that she has received from God.

For me, a large class of returning workers isn’t simply a numbers game, but they are a sign of the faithfulness of God in reaching the campuses in Asia. Similar to how reinforcements are a welcome relief for soldiers on the front-line, so these new long-term members are the ones who will fill the gaps in our current cities, and take new ground in the future.

These 12 have a long journey ahead of them: raising a full-time budget, studying the language for a year and a half, and overcoming questions and discouragement through the process. Would you please pray for these courageous world-changers? Please also pray for the 6 who will return home after May, that they would be strong in their relationship with God, and make the greatest possible Kingdom impact in the years to come.

Thank you for your prayers and support of our work!