This past weekend I had the tremendous opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in Asia, and as my e-mail title suggests, I had some adventures along the way 🙂

In the northwestern corner of my province there is an ethnic region. Located in this region is a small city. In recent years the city has been transformed into a large tourist area, and for good reason. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the culture, a mix of ethnic and Asian influences, is one of the most unique in the country. Although the 12 hour bus ride seemed perilous at times, and the crisp mountain air took a bit of getting used to, the end result was totally worth it. While I was there I got the chance to visit snow capped mountains, ride a horse (albeit a rather small horse that I was afraid I would crush), take some great pictures, and even eat a good meal of Western food.

Even though I had a great time playing the typical tourist, the real point of the trip was much more important. My friends and I spent a lot of time visiting the local Buddhist Temples and other sites and our eyes were opened to the many dark spiritual forces that control this area. Some of the people traveling with us are long term workers who feel called to locate to this city and carry out God’s work there so we also spent a lot of our time doing prayer walks to prepare the way for their future work and life there.

All in all it was a crazy weekend and I returned to K-Town more than a little bit tired 🙂 But this experience was by far one of the best of my entire time in Asia and I hope to return there in the future. Pray that the Lord would continue to tear down the strongholds both in this area and in K-Town so that His work can flourish like never before.