I want to share a story with you about what God is doing in the life of a very special girl in our fellowship in K-town. Her name is Lucy.

When Lucy was at university in K-town in Southern C-land, a member of our team shared with her about God and she and her boyfriend chose to accept Him! Over the past few years, Lucy has been growing in her relationship with God and in leadership in the small fellowship starting in K-town.

Last year we decided it was necessary to pull our workers out of K-town as members of the team felt called to different areas or were transitioning out of CT. We left the group down there in the hands of our Asian brothers and sisters and prayed that God would use them to grow the group.

As many members of the fellowship (including Lucy) graduated and scattered all over K-town and C-land, the fellowship that was there got smaller and smaller until it basically stopped meeting. It was during that time that God spoke to Lucy’s heart and ignited a desire in her to see the group of believers increase in K-town and the church to grow. Lucy decided to dedicate herself to full time ministry work among the college students of the university city in K-town. Over the past few months, God has been increasing her boldness and increasing her faith to see big things happen. She has also been receiving coaching from members of our team and a Asian sister.

A few weeks ago, Lucy dedicated herself even more to the call God has on her life and committed to try and share 100 times by September and has been sharing daily! This is a huge step for her since sharing with people has been an area she has struggled with in the past. She has also committed to traveling great distances to lead training groups with brothers and sisters in different parts of the city.

Let’s join together and be lifting up Lucy! Praise God for the call He has on her life and the heart that He has given her. Ask that God would continue to provide for her, especially financially, since she doesn’t have a job, so that she can devote herself to this. He has great things in store for her, so let’s ask that He would provide all she needs!

Thank you for all that you do to bring the K-dom here to the X!