These past few weeks here in the X have been full of exciting stories revolving around the Christmas season and I wanted to share just a few of them with you as a great way to kick off this New Year and New Season!

* Two of our new brothers were baptized just before Christmas! They are some of the first people to get baptized from our XD campus, a new school that we have been focusing on this year!

* Andy is one of our recent graduates and was part of an internship that we did last year. Since graduation, he got a job in the area selling electronics to American companies. At his new workplace, Andy has been sharing and spreading seeds like crazy. About a month ago his boss called him into the office and asked Andy to share the basics of his faith in front of the WHOLE STAFF because the boss believed it would be a way for the employees to better understand American culture and the market they were selling to. What an amazing opportunity! Since sharing in front of dozens of his co-workers, many have come to him asking questions and wanting to know more!

* We had several parties in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Dozens of students had the chance to hear the Gospel in English and in their native language. At one party, THREE people made decisions, and at another party the same night FIVE people made decisions to follow God! Woohoo!!!

* On Christmas Eve, the brothers and sisters here had a big church party. Many of the people who came were students who had made decisions in the past, but hadn’t committed to coming to church or weren’t plugged in with the larger community. Christmas Eve was such a crucial first step in getting them connected and growing with a larger group of brothers and sisters!


I want to take a moment to thank YOU for all the love and support you gave me in the 2016 year. God is truly moving here in the X and you have a part in that. Thank you for standing with me and giving of your time, money, and support to see his Kingdom come to Asia!

Have a blessed and joyful New Year!