You have graduated. Your training is done. It’s time to step out fully into the mission God has given you. Let’s ask God to give us the campus and go take it!

I shared those words with the five young world changers who joined the team in our city in Asia as we wrapped up their training on how to share the gospel with the students here.

That night one of those young ladies sat across the table from a young student named Kristine and shared the gospel with her, then asked if she wanted to follow Jesus. To her surprise and excitement, she said yes! Kristine was the first new believer that our new team has gotten to introduce to God.

The next day I was receiving coded texts all day asking for prayer as our team was sharing the gospel with students all across our city. Then around 3pm, I heard word that a young man had given his life to Christ! Amazing!

Then around 11pm, two guys from our team were seated at a bus stop sharing the gospel with four roommates they had played basketball with earlier that day. As they finished, they asked them if they wanted to follow Christ. Each of them looked back in their eyes and said, “Yes!” Four friends excitedly walked into the Kingdom together.

Six new believers in just over 24 hours! I hope God keeps this pace up all year!

It’s not just in this city either, each of our teams in different cities are all seeing students come to Christ. One of the cities is seeing amazing fruitfulness on the campus right now, where almost 20 students have come to Christ already!

God is starting this new school year in an amazing way.


Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for many more students to come to know Jesus this year. We are asking God to start a movement on the campuses that continues to multiply beyond our control. For that to happen, we will need to see many new believers.

2. Please pray for our team to have the courage to share the gospel boldly and the energy to share it frequently.

3. Please pray for these first six believers that they would persevere in following Jesus, even as the face opposition and persecution. Pray that they would begin to share the gospel with their friends and family too.