As an ministry worker here in Asia, I have learned over the years that when we sow the seed of the gospel, we never know what is going to happen to that seed. Sometimes it will fall on good soil and that person is ready to receive right away. And sometimes we share with a person and he or she doesn’t accept in the moment and we have to trust that the message we have shared will not return void and God will continue to work in that person’s heart.

Last year while I was across the street from a campus trying to make some friends, I met three girls, Holly, Annabelle and Theresa, who go to another university in the area. They were all really eager to talk to me and a few weeks later my friend Ruby and I met them for lunch and shared the Good News with them. None of them chose to follow God in that moment, and as all of our schedules got busier and busier, we actually never met again that semester.

Fast-forward nearly a year and I am in a prayer meeting with some of my teammates and listening to one of them share about two girls named Holly and Annabelle whom they had shared with and both had made decisions to follow God.

Immediately I remembered the girls Ruby and I had shared with and wondered if they could be the same girls. But there are tens of thousands of college students in our area and I didn’t think the odds were in my favor. But I felt God prompting me to ask and after looking at pictures that my teammate had and comparing social media contact numbers, I realized that they were the same girls!

I couldn’t believe it! God definitely had a plan for these girls! Not only did He lead Ruby and I to share with them, but he also led two other girls to share with them and in that moment, their hearts were ready to believe! Praise Him!!!!

Don’t become discouraged as you are sharing the love of God with people around you — He never lets the seeds you show return void!!!

As you know, Easter is right around the corner. For the past few years we have taken this special day to have an fellowship meeting with our Asian friends and to do a baptism. It is always a really special and powerful time for our friends and we are going to try and do it again this year! Please stand with us and pray for this baptism party that many friends would choose to get baptism on that day!