It was 5:00 pm Saturday afternoon and needless to say I was more than frustrated.

We had been planning a party for our friends at KU Medical for nearly a month and a half, and now that the day was finally here, the celebration would have to be canceled because electrical maintenance meant our apartment had no electricity and soon it would be too dark to see.

What was more frustrating and discouraging is that this setback was only one of many concerning this particular party. We had been trying for months to make some real and solid friendships at the Medical College and had encountered nothing but resistance from the enemy in the forms of busy schedules, intellectualism, large exam loads, and shyness in speaking English. We had been praying for a long time and asking that this party would be the breakthrough we needed to finally get a foothold on the campus and now, because of something completely outside of our control, everything was beginning to fall through.

As 6:30 drew nearer, I knew we weren’t going to get our electricity back and the party would have to be postponed yet again. At first I just felt really discouraged, like no matter what we tried or how long we persevered, the enemy was refusing to let us gain any headway. But then all of a sudden, God reminded me of something powerful, and that is the fact that the enemy doesn’t focus his energies and attentions on thwarting plans that aren’t going to impact the Kingdom. The reason why he was putting up so much resistance is the fact that he is SCARED beyond belief that God is going to do something great on this campus.

And in that moment, my thoughts of discouragement gave way to feelings of hunger and desire for the students on this campus in a way that I never had before. I felt like a child who only wanted the toy after someone told her she couldn’t have it. The enemy told us we couldn’t have KU Med, and now I want it all the more and I am going to keep coming to God and pressing in until He gives us the breakthrough we have been waiting for.

Please keep bringing KU Med to the Lord, as well as students of KU that they will come to know Jesus and that the actions of the enemy will not discourage us, but only embolden us.