Eighteen young foreigners packed into a living room, sitting on couch arms, entertainment centers, plastic stools, and the hard tile floor. This is what every Monday morning looks for me as I meet with our teams in each city for their weekly church service. As much as I love worship and the Bible, my favorite time in each of these services is when we share with each other the testimonies of what God has done that week. If you were to travel with me, here is a sampling of the stories you would have heard over the last couple weeks:

One team excitedly tells about running a Bible study where students are getting saved almost every week. Another girl’s voice breaks as she shares about leading a friend to Christ for the very first time. A guy deadpans a funny, touching story about leading three friends he had just met into the family all at once. Another team cheers as it shares that it is battling with a Jehovah’s Witness who is trying to convert college students here. They have already won away 2 of his “disciples.” One of our girls cries as she shares about how she stumbled upon a break dancing party where she met a new friend who could speak no English, but managed to invite her to a Bible study.

At the Bible study the girl shared with our girl and Asian believers how she had been trying to kill herself. The storyteller began to weep for her friend. The group shared the Gospel with her, and our break dancing friend gave her life to Christ and was baptized right on the spot. Between each story is applause and spontaneous praise for Jesus, our Savior.
And these are only a few of the stories!

However, we are hearing the Holy Spirit’s whisperings about being even more committed to the mission, stepping out in more boldness, and seeing even more of God’s power. As I have shared this message with our workers here, God is showing up each time. Just this week I shared with a group of leaders about a greater commitment to the Mission. A spontaneous time of prayer and tears erupted as we cried out for more of God and His passion for the lost. A similar message this week to the whole team in a city moved us to cry out for more of God. The Spirit met us by filling us up again in a powerful way. So all that to say – God is doing incredible things here in us andthrough us. But I believe, as is His way, the best wine is still to come!