“CT celebrates its first-ever H-Town Thanksgiving.  Participants
cut class to enjoy a homemade meal complete with 3 different kinds
of fowl, stuffing, sweet-potato pie, green bean salad, and hot
cocoa from home.”  The feasting lasted well into the evening as
over-stuffed Americans coupled the digestion process with a
football game and Charlie Brown.”

“Winter has indeed arrived in H-Town.  Temperatures reaching -6 in
the morning hours have prompted reports of eyelashes developing a
small layer of ice during the walk to school.  The local residents
seem unfazed by the recent weather patterns.  However, some
American foreign exchange students are slightly ‘concerned.’”

“Frosty temperatures have not hindered ice cream sales in H-Town,
in fact, the winter weather has allowed people to sell the icy
dessert out of boxes by the side of the road at night.  This
correspondent has even spotted locals wearing only a light fall
jacket, carrying cartons of ice cream in their bare hands.  Welcome
to H-Town!”

“With Christmas fast approaching, CT workers are getting very
excited about the opportunity to share the REAL meaning of
Christmas with their friends!”

That’s all for this edition of “The H-Town Times.” This is
McDoogle, signing off.