This week has been a week of triumphs and tissues for me. First, let me start with the triumphs! My room mate and I have spent the last few weeks studying the Word with our Asian friend G who came into the family last year. She is a truly amazing person and is so hungry to hear more about God and his love for us! Just last week she was sharing with us how much she wants her mom to know about God too! It was so awesome to hear her heart about her mom and the fire that is inside her to share about Jesus to her friends and family. This Thursday, I also had dinner with another girl Olivia who is also in the family and we are going to start studying on Sunday! Thank you Lord! He has been so wonderful this year about giving us people who want to learn and I know that more will surface in the coming months.

As for the tissues part of this email, I spent the last week being sick! No fun! I think there was a time when I would have given my right arm for some Puffs Plus with Aloe 🙂 Keep asking the Lord that my health would stay good as it is hard to beat a sickness here once you get it. Also ask that He would continue to bring people to us who are willing to learn and have a heart to tell others.