It was quiet, there where three of us in my living room my Asian friend, who name is Michael, Jayzer and me. We where talking to Michael about the word and about dad. He had said that he had read some and that he new about God and His Son. I ask Michael have you ever committed your life to Jesus and he says no but I want to. I was just bursting with excitement at these words. I told Michael what it meant to do so and made sure he wanted to, than I led him through talking to God and accepting His Son. It was so simple and awesome at the same time.

He already knew a lot about who God’s son is from some reading, and going to churches before and from his study of European art, he is an art history master’s student. He had first went to a church a little over a year ago but he had not ever accepted Jesus in to his heart.

We gave him a copy of the Bible, told him to start reading Matthew and set up a meeting with him to talk about it and any questions he had. He said he would and that he would come with questions, at that he left.

This time was absolutely awesome, I had literally just asked the Lord to bring my friends in to His family and He did it! The past few weeks have also been good, though I have been busy, sorry for not writing more. I have been having lots of meetings with friends and had a group time with our friends a week or so ago, that is where I first meet Michael. My friends are really being to open up two other seem really interested in God and one of them is reading his Word and has questions for me and Jayzer. I have been really encouraged by these developments and I can’t wait till more join the family, I will be sure to tell you.