Hello! Ni hao!

God is so AWESOME! A couple of weeks ago one of my friends brought a fantastic word to the city, and through that word, I felt convicted of not stepping out in obedience when I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me forward. It was something that was so simple, but I kept shying away from doing it. He was asking me to pray for healing over a girl named Rosie who I had been going to game night with me every Friday. She had a cough that had lasted over a month. The doctors had put her on IVs and had tried everything, and still had no idea what was causing this affliction. So the next Friday rolled around, and as she and I were walking home, I asked if I could pray for her. She’s a believer already, and was more than happy to have me pray.

This week, when she and I met up to head over to game night, she began to testify of how God had healed her and that she no longer had a cough. It stopped the night we prayed together for healing! CRAZY, right?! One month of coughing and with one prayer, God made her whole. I serve a healer!

Thank you so much for all of your prayer and support. I seriously couldn’t do this without you!