Since I first arrived back in Asia, I feel like so many things have been
completely different from how they were my first couple of years here.  The food is different, the way the city works is different,
my focus for the year is different, even the nationality of the
majority of foreigners is different.  But I think one of the
biggest differences happened last Saturday when I attended my first group meeting to practice speaking the language I’m learning.

This group meeting  is basically the same thing as English corner,
except everyone is speaking the language of this country, not English.  I have to admit, it was a little intimidating at first, especially because I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between students from this country and other foreign exchange students who are Asian. haha!
Once I pushed through the initial jitters, I met some really great
girls.  I want to tell you about one in particular, and how our
first meeting was another big switch.

On Wednesday, I got a text from this girl, Gaby.  She wanted to
have lunch with me.  As I replied to her text I was thinking, “this
is usually my job” haha.  On Friday, after some confusion about
where on our massive campus we were supposed to meet, Gaby,
her friend Holly, and myself sat down to lunch.  Over a rather
unspectacular cafeteria meal we chatted in the language I’m learning about a variety of simple topics (so I could actually participate in the

Finally, I casually asked Gaby what her plans for the weekend were, and she told me that she was going to a family party!-she is a Christian! I was stunned.  I was like, “God, is this for real!?” This is the first friend I have ever met with this year and she is a Christian!?”

It was such an amazing meeting and exactly what I needed.  Being in
Aisa studying 40+ hours a week, it  has sometimes been difficult to
maintain the vision of why I am really here learning the language.
I know that God brought Gaby into my life to bring everything back
in perspective.  He’s kinda cool like that 😉