Sarah had shared with her mom before many times. Although her mom hadn’t said ‘yes’ yet, Sarah continued to ask God.

A couple weeks ago, Sarah’s mom was feeling extremely anxious, so she decided to go for a walk by a river nearby their home. As she was walking, Sarah’s mom suddenly heard someone singing and as she approached the woman singing, she realized she was singing worship songs to God! The woman invited Sarah’s mom to join her! As she sang with the woman, Sarah’s mom felt an overwhelming peace!

The next day, Sarah’s mom went to a church with the woman and ended up giving her life to God that very morning! She even agreed to be baptized!!! Absolutely incredible!

It’s so amazing to see that when we’re faithful to sow seeds and entrust them into God’s hands, that He’s faithful to bring those seeds to fruition. His heart is for the lost and He will stop at nothing in His pursuit that they be found!