These last 4 weeks have been truly incredible to say the least. We’ve seen a major move of God on the campuses and have not only seen many say “yes” to following Him, but have additionally watched as many of them have committed to joining small groups, wanting to desperately to know Him more. Altogether we’ve had minimally 12 people say “yes” to Him, 3-4 express interest in wanting to know Him more, and 11+ brothers and sisters get plugged into small groups! This is revival!!!!!

Since my last update until now, I’ve gone from having 2 small groups to 7 just in a matter of 4 weeks! I’ve been so blown away by God’s faithfulness in this season and the fruit that has begun to bear! It’s been so precious to meet these new family members and watch them begin to take steps forward in their relationships with God.

I had a beautiful moment with one of my groups last week. We were studying baptism in water and the Holy Spirit. In this lesson, we use some questions to help them gauge if they’re ready to take that step; one being, “Even if your family opposes you following Him, will you persevere and still choose to follow Him with all of your heart?”

As we read the question, Alex raised her hand. “So even if my family opposes, I should still follow Him because He’s more important?” Before I could even utter a sound, Alex smiles and says, “Of course He is. He should come first before my family.” I was nearly moved to tears. How sweet it is when the Holy Spirit speaks and moves on hearts; He’s definitely the best teacher.