It seemed untimely cold as we drove the scooter through the streets of our city.

We were shivering. Every once in a while our bodies would give way to one of those even bigger involuntary-shiver-convulsions because we were so cold.

I asked myself if I should drive faster and get it over with or drive slower to cut the wind. Eyeing the battery I realized I didn’t really have a choice. The battery was dying. We would make it home but it would be a cold and slow trip.

In spite of all this, smiles stretched across our faces and laughter filled our conversation. It had been a good night… 🙂

I met Brad on the basketball courts a few months ago. Since meeting, I would often give him a ride home after we played and we would talk.

The rides home seemed short but always worthwhile. I learned about Jack’s hometown, work, and his (at-times) strained relationship with his father. Jack learned about my family and how my life has drastically changed because of the Good Shepherd.

This week my friend Thomas and I shared the news with Brad over a meal. He had never heard it before.

As Brad heard about God, about sin, the cross, and forgiveness, he was more dialed in than I have ever seen him. Though Brad had never heard it before he wanted to put his trust in the Good Shepherd.

The three of us bowed our heads and prayed to God. It was awesome! 🙂

Then, as Brad lifted his head and opened his eyes he reached across the table and carefully pinched a napkin with a few fingers. While sharing the message, Thomas drew a few pictures on it to help convey some points. A smile stretched across Brad’s face as he held it up and told us, “I will keep this.”

Later that night we were able to do something better than send him home with the napkin. We were able to give him a Bible and have a brief conversation about how and where to start reading it.