Do you ever have those days when you wake up and realize you have no idea what you’re doing with your life or why you’re doing it?

Well, I had one of those recently. When I arrived in Texas, I realized that a month or two before, I had hit autopilot. I was still doing the work that needed to be done and I didn’t feel too “off”, but I just wasn’t living to my full potential of what God had in mind for my life. Fortunately, my trip to the US and the sudden change of environment jolted me awake from the autopilot, and I began crawling my way back towards God and the vision that he’s given me for my life. That trip home followed by two weeks of retreat in Thailand was exactly what I needed to be renewed and ready to go this next semester.

Thailand was amazing. If you read my last blog I said I wanted to make my relationship with God a focus for the retreat. I came away from that time feeling like I succeeded in my goal. I forced myself to rest (even when everyone was at the pool), and I didn’t feel compelled to be around people at all times. God spoke to me, and leading worship went fantastically! Thank you to anyone who prayed for that time because I now feel refreshed to take on this new, busier season.

Prayer requests:

-For me to have continued vision and motivation for the new things Dad is bringing this next season

-Protection for the team over here (physically and emotionally)

-In general for our city/campuses to see revival!

Please let me know if there’s anything going on in your life that I can pray for!