A few girls on the team sat down with Summer and Lidian, two H minority Muslim girls, for a bite to eat. After catching up, they started talking about Islam. Summer and Lidian tried to explain traditions like Ramadan, but also shared that their families weren’t really that devout. Then a turning point came.

“I think it would be really good for you to teach us about your religion.”

What an opportunity! After the girls picked their jaws up off the floor, they jumped into explaining Jesus’ love and grace for Summer and Lidian. They were deeply impacted by the idea that Jesus died on the cross and took our place. Up until that point, Summer said she would try and better herself by reflecting on her mistakes, but now felt like she could experience real freedom!

When asked if they wanted to make Jesus the Lord of their lives, Summer and Lidian responded, “Yes! That would be amazing!” They prayed together right there on the spot!

This is just one story from the first week of teaching our new one-semester team how to share the good news. That first week, 7 people gave their lives to God!