Gabby has heard the Gospel many times, but as a history major, she’s struggled to see Jesus as more than a historical figure. She also was connected with another missionary family that had even taken her back with them to the States over the summer to introduce her to many of their supporters.

But as Gabby looks back on it, she felt wounded; she felt like she had basically been termed “a project.”

“Do you like me for who I am or do you like me because God tells you to?” My heart broke for her as I read the text she had sent me and I knew right away, that when we had dinner, it was going to be a night of restoration and healing for her.

As she shared about the different hurts she had felt and even some rejection from another church she had received, she was at a point where she was ready to give up. I looked her in the eyes and said, “Gabby, I love you. If you never make the decision to follow Him, I’m still going to love you. And I want you to know that I share with you because I love you so deeply. I am willing to contend for you!”

Continuing to talk through some more hurts, you could see the healing that was beginning to happen in her heart. She went from ‘I’m done pursuing God’ to ‘I want to meet other Asian believers my age and start studying together every week!’ GOD DOES MIRACLES!

As we were getting ready to leave, Gabby suddenly grabbed her shoulder, complaining that there was a sharp pain in the cartilage. “Can I pray for it?” She nodded and I said one of the most simple prayers ever. “Jesus, please heal her shoulder. In Your Name, Amen.”

Gabby looked shocked! She began flinging her arm around and flapping like a bird. “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! The pain is gone!!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDDING!!!! But it’s really gone!”

Our God is a healer! That night Gabby received healing on an emotional and physical level, she had a love encounter our Father and now Gabby is taking steps towards starting a relationship with God! Please continue to pray with me that Gabby would continue to take steps forward! I believe with all of my heart that God has BIG plans for her!