Imagine with me sitting down to dinner with the president/owner of a university; a man who used to be a part of the military here, who is considered wealthy by American standards, and has an insane amount of influence in the community around him. This was my dinner yesterday.

My sister Blanche is an English teacher at a university near my home. A couple of weeks ago, she asked me if I’d be willing to come and speak to her class about whatever topic I wanted. I knew that in this setting I wouldn’t be able to openly share the gospel due to security, but I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to say “yes.” Leading up to yesterday (the day!), I felt like God was saying that although I might not have the opportunity to openly share, that he was going to open doors wide to the campus. He was not wrong.

After speaking to the students, the president of the college insisted on treating me and Blanche to dinner as a ‘thank you.’ I can’t really describe the peace I had going into dinner, but I just knew that the Holy Spirit was going to give me the words to say at just the right time.

As we were eating and talking about American and Asian culture, he asked me what I believed in. At that moment, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to share my testimony. Sharing about my experience of beginning to follow Jesus in university, he was intently listening.

“Do you know why I find your story so interesting?” he asked. “Because, we all experience that loneliness and emptiness you shared about; that can’t be filled by just anything. That’s why I’ve been reading about all of the different beliefs in the world! But the one that seems so different from the rest, is Jesus. I’m part way through the Bible actually. I started reading it many years ago when I was a student at the number one university here in my country. Back when it was under lock and key only found in the library.”

As the night continued on, I got the opportunity to share the gospel with him and also help answer some questions he’s had for years about what we believe in. Blanche also had the opportunity to share some of her experience in choosing to follow God.

“Where do you feel like you are?” I asked him pointing to a drawing I had used.

“I’m on my way to Jesus. I’m not there quite yet. But this conversation has changed things for me. I’m definitely on the way,” he said pointing in between the broken world and Jesus.

As Blanche and I debriefed the night, we were blown away by the door God had opened. Blanche was also filled with so much faith to see him say “yes” to Jesus. Please keep praying for the man we shared with and that as he continues to read the Bible that the Holy Spirit would bring supernatural revelation to his heart.