Have you ever been thanked for sharing the Gospel? For me, this happened on April 11th, XYZ, whom we have been disciplining for almost a full semester, took us out to eat and afterward told us the reason was that he wanted to thank us for sharing.

At first my thought was WOW, I feel special and what a great guy, all those hard times at the beginning was worth it to hear how much God means to this guy. But then I was challenged with the fact of, even if we just go out and share everyday, being rejected three times a day, and not a soul came to know Him, would it still be worth it? Initial answer is, of course it would still be worth it, but then I really wonder if I were to put in that situation, would I still say yes? I hope and pray that the answer is yes, but somewhere, I question myself. The thing is, as a Christian, we should be sharing the Gospel regardless of whether people will come to Know Him or not, we share because we love to share, we love to share about the One who had made us alive. We share because we have this living water inside of us that overflows and we just can’t contain this joy to ourselves, so we share this joy with others.

For events like birthdays, weddings, graduations, or even tragedies, why do we gather people together to witness of something? I believe the reason is because we want others to share our joy or sorrow in those particular events. Those joyous moments or sorrowful moments are so powerful that we cannot contain it, we want others to experience what we have, and have what we are experiencing. As Christians, this is exactly what I am talking about, we want others to experience the overwhelming sorrow of Christ’s suffering because of our sins, but we also want others to experience the overwhelming joy of our hearts in the life that He brings.

Easter could not have come a better time in helping me to remember this important truth. You see, Easter is not about candies or even bunnies, although they can be fun and bringing families together, but the real reason for Easter is Christ. Easter is a season for us to remember the overwhelming suffering Christ had endured in His love for us and it is a time for celebration of His victory over death. Easter is a season for celebration of that victory, how that victory brought many men and women into God’s presence without condemnation, and the joy that it gives us as believers in knowing Him.

During this Easter season, I pray that you would share with someone who is not in a relationship with Jesus of the awesome joy you have in Him.

Thank you for continually being part of my ministry, may He bless you and your family during this sorrowful, but also very joyous season.