Reporting another great week! There’s been sharing and making great new friends! God has just been moving all throughout the week! For starters, my roommate (Mitzi) and I have committed to sharing ten or more times every week, and last week, we hit that goal on the mark and are praying for more divine appointments with more students that we meet! Also, after searching for two and a half weeks, I’ve finally found girl basketball players to make friends with!!! I am so stoked to tell them about Jesus, and to do some girl bonding while kicking some butt playing all the guys in some basketball! God really does answer prayers, and I feel so blessed! We really must pray without ceasing, it will build our faith and relationship with Dad.

This last week, Mitzi and I went to the ping-pong courts and met a bunch of girls who were playing doubles matches. We asked if we could join them and played for about three hours. Man, that was a late night! We learned that the 8 girls were all suitemates, have the same major (how cool is that!?) and are all good friends. They were a lively bunch, and we ended up laughing the entire time! Two girls who stuck out in the bunch were Mavis and Happy, so we knew we had to have dinner with them to share.

The next day, Mavis and Happy joined us for dinner and Mitzi and I learned that Mavis was in the family and wanted help in trying to share with her friend Happy! This was great news, and instead of sharing in the moment, we decided to pray later on that night to see how God wanted us to handle it because Happy seemed a bit closed off when we mentioned Jesus. Happy is a strong-spirited girl who is funny and very bold! We are hoping to meet with them this weekend because they’re busy throughout the week. Pray for Happy, we know Dad is pursuing her!