Things in the Asia have been amazing and it is about to heat up as we are moving into the second half of our trip! We’ve been praying for God to begin using us to bring full-out revival on our campuses! We are praying that miracles straight from Him take place and people come into the family! Two people said “yes” to Jesus last week, and we are waiting to see what God will continue to do in the lives of our Asian friends!

A few weeks ago, we had a party and met four girls that asked us to join the MMA club. Last week, we had the opportunity to share with two of the four girls, Alex and Vicky. Both girls were open to the gospel and to God. However, in the end, both said that they would prefer not to have a relationship with Jesus because they do not fully believe the gospel story.

This week, we have still been hanging out with the girls and just pouring the love of Jesus out on them. Earlier this evening, Vicky allowed for us to pray over her for an upcoming exam! As we spend more time with Vicky, the more fascinated she becomes with the idea of God and Jesus. We are praying for her and all of the MMA girls to encounter God in a big way so that they become our Sisters in Christ!