Fifteen of us were crammed into a hotel room – sitting on the bed, on the floor, on chairs, on desks. I ask one person to lead a worship song acapella. As we sing, the Holy Spirit floods the room. Next thing I know, another teammate spontaneously leads a worship song. And another… and another… It was a beautiful atmosphere of God’s people exulting in his presence.

That was our meeting this morning to launch our teams onto their campus harvest fields for the first time this year. There was such a tremendous sense of God’s presence and leading as we sent them out. We have been entrusted with an incredible team, and our expectations are sky high for what He will do through them.

The rest of the day is about the mundane details of leading: finding laundry facilities, procuring bus maps, purchasing cell phones, etc. Valuable, but not quite as exciting. I am in anticipation to hear the stories of divine appointments and open doors on the campuses that God gave us today.