I think one of the sweetest things about being here is that I get to chill and be around so many all stars! At one time! For a year! I mean, if I can chill with cool people for day, that makes me happy. But spending a whole year with people that are chasing God and His will is life changing in itself.

And one of my favorites here is Sonny. (I think thats his name…if its not…he is the one who is really tall, married, and his real name rhymes with Kobe.) It’s been energizing hanging out and learning from him.

One of the things on his heart has been starting a group for the young leaders that are here. There is a lot of emphasis on the new believers, but there has not been a solid teaching time with the ones who are stepping up in leadership roles.

And this past saturday was the first class! And it was off the hook! Sonny has asked me to be a part of the group and to help him out a little bit. The purpose being, when the next classes begin I would be teaching them. Which is pretty sweet! And then I would have someone with me, to help out and learn how to do it.

It’s an honour to be in these classes with my friends. It’s amazing to see their hunger to learn more about God and wanting their foundations strengthened and built up. I’m continually blown away by what God is doing here!