I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write sooner. We have been very busy these last few weeks, and things have been intense.

Last week we traveled to Hong Kong to renew our tourist visas. It was a lot of fun to see Hong Kong. What an amazing city! It is built on a series of islands, and each island has its own cluster of skyscrapers back-dropped by South Pacific Island hills. So beautiful! It felt great, even though we were only there for a few hours, to feel the freedom we take for granted back home. Plus we were able to see a number of our friends from the other cities here!

I will write more about an adventure I had the day after I returned in the next few days. Look forward to crime, drama, and hope!

I wanted to write you quickly today though because Ling (one of our sisters), who joined the family last year here needs our prayers. She found out that her brother has a tumor, and has been home for the past several weeks trying to support her family. Her brother has been hospitalized for weeks now, but the situation is very grave. His tumor is inoperable, and from the way it sounds he may be dying.

Ling’s faith is being shaken. Her brother is mildly disabled, and she is struggling with how a God she calls Dad can let this happen to her brother. None of her family members are believers, and she is very discouraged and depressed. We’ve been studying the Book together and our focus just before she left was 1 Peter. Its all about how we will still face suffering, but that God has a purpose in all things and there is hope. Please pray that this truth will come alive for her, that her brother would be healed, and that no bitterness or anger would take hold in her life no matter the outcome.

Please also pray for us here. Many have felt discouraged or disheartened in the past few weeks, including me. God is so faithful, and we’ve heard so much truth to come against this, but the attack on our moral is very real. Pray that our hope would be fixed, we would be rooted and grounded in God’s love, and that our joy would be full so that we know strength.

Thank you so much! Your prayers are absolutely necessary and powerful.