I’m still trying to be faithful sharing the gospel in America. This week, I had 2 opportunities to share!

The first time was when I went back to work at my old job at the warehouse. The guy who replaced me when I went to Asia is a young dude from Ghana. He’s a great guy but he doesn’t know the Lord. We got to have some cool conversations about stuff like race in America, social media & the importance of the church today. I implored him to find a church & take the Lord seriously in his life. When I come back in November, I’m gonna try to get him connected with some of my buddies down in PG County to get him plugged into the body.

The second time was on my drive up through Pennsylvania, I stopped to grab a drink & the lady at the gas station was from India. She was really nice so I asked her what her religious background was coming from India. She said she believed in Krishna. I lovingly told her about Jesus & that He is the only son of God who died for her sins. She was very polite but wasn’t feeling what I was saying. Anyway, she didn’t accept Jesus but it was with respect. I hope the Lord will use that experience as a seed planted for someone else to water.

In an experience like that, I feel like the millennial in me wants to say, “You have your belief & I have my belief, it’s all good”. But if what we preach is really the truth, then we shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone they’re wrong (in love of course). It’s not my heart to meet a stranger & in 2 seconds be explaining to them how their worldview is fundamentally wrong. It’s hard to strike a balance between the having a sense of urgency for a lost soul & loving people where they’re at. Anyway, I’m still learning & I have a long way to go. I really want to encourage you guys to get out there & share the good news with people!