Last week, Mitzi and I threw an American style TACO Dinner Party with our friends we met in Asia, who are actually from Thailand! Literally the night before, it seemed like everything was falling apart; food prep was not working out, and we still needed some supplies to make a few of the dishes. So we prayed in that moment and asked God to help everything work out for the next day…HE DID ABOVE AND BEYOND! We not only made all of the food, but our friends LOVED it, and we had extra to eat for the next few days!

This reminded me of the story of how Jesus fed the 5,000!  God made a way when the outcome seemed impossible to feed the thousands of people, and it felt the same for Mitzi and I that night, even though we were 6 only girls. God provided so much food, and blessed the fellowship that we hung our friends for about seven hours having the best time laughing, singing, playing “uno”.

This week, we had a Thanksgiving Party with our Asian friends and made them mashed potatoes and apple crisp! There were over 20 people in our tiny apartment…again, and we taught ALL 20 of our friends the “Electric Slide”. “The Cotton-Eyed Joe” and the “Cha-Cha Slide” It was soooo funnnn! And also really hot! We also had time to share what we are thankful for and it was a powerful moment when one of our Asian friends said that she was thankful for Jesus!!! I almost cried!

These are the moments that make coming across the country worth it! Dad has called all of us for times such as these!