There’s been a lot of cool stuff going on in the X these past few weeks. In the past two weeks, there’s been over 10 new friends that have joined the family! It’s been awesome seeing God work.

The other night, I shared the Gospel with a friend of mine named Su. He explained to me that he was a Buddhist and he didn’t seem interested in what I was saying. The next day, we went bike riding together and he took me to a Buddhist temple that was over 1,400 years old! We talked more about our beliefs and he started asking some really good questions. That night, he texted me saying that he thought I was right about God and that he wanted to join the family. We had dinner the next night and he accepted him!

Su and the rest of our new friends are getting plugged into the local church as well as a Bible study run by native speakers.

Please pray for Su that we could find a Bible for him; they are hard to come by in his own language and we really want him to know the word. Pray that he would know God more and more and grow in the knowledge of His love.

Continue to pray for our other friends Jack, Negan, Lin, Wang Zhen, Elaine, Steven, Sean and Dandelion. We are asking that they would join the family some day soon.