There have been many times in my life where I have been sick.
There have been many times in my life where I have gotten better.
There has been one time in my life where I was feeling better, then I got even more sick.

And that time is now. I really don’t understand how it’s possible. At all.

A week and some change ago I came down with a flu/cold/weird foreign sickness. And today I can proudly say I still have it. Though two days ago I thought I was getting over the sickness, for some reason, today has been a trip back to square one.

I had a busy schedule all week. But, I still had time to rest and recover. My friends have introduced me to some traditional medicine, and it’s pretty much nasty. But I guess it has been helping me. I am fresh out of Rite Aid’s brand of flu medicine, and all I have left are some scary traditional pills and a bottle of peanut milk.

All that’s ringing in my head right now is what Dave wrote in Ps.103. He said “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and ALL that is within me, bless His holy name!” And then from there, Dave continues to name the differnt things God does. Forgives, heals, redeems, crowns, satisfies, and renews.

What a great promise! When Dave says ‘oh my soul’, that means he is talking to himself. He is saying its not about the present situation, it’s not about how you feel, and it’s not about me! Its about Him! It’s He who went to the cross for us. It’s He who is faithful in all things.

I am so excited for the things to come. Lately, God has been stirring inside of our friends a hunger for Himself. His faithfulness is rocketing forth!

Until next time!