It was a beautiful Saturday. Birds chirpping, wind blowing and the sun a-blazing. And what made even more special was I was speaking that day at the weekend party. I recieved a call the previous night, and it was my friend who was the leader of the group, and he asked me to share. With 5 minutes of thinking I called him back and told him I could do it.

But as I hung up the phone a sudden thought dropped in my head, “What the heck are you going to share on??!!” The time was 10:30pm, and I was going to share at 2pm the following day. So I hit the floor with my Bible and asked God what I should share. I got a rough topic and tried to catch some sleep.

(Enter Sunday Morning)

I knew I had to get away for a little bit to do some thinking and preparing. I was revved up for the chance to speak at the party in the afternoon. And not only that, but see old friends, speak into lives, and make some new contacts. Then I got a phone call…

It was my friend telling me he got us an apartment. Yay! For the last two weeks we were living in a hotel; nothing against them, but I needed to get out. So after sitting down for about 15 minutes I had to rush out of the resturant and get back to the hotel. Hoagie and I rushed around packing and getting things ready to go. We checked out of the hotel and headed over to the new apartment.

As soon as we got there we ran up to our new home, dropped off our stuff, then headed to the party. It was so fast we didn’t have to admire the new place. After I spoke at the group, we headed out with two of my good friends for some Hot Pot. And boy was it delicious!

I think all Saturdays are pretty special. But this one kicked some serious settling in tail. I mean speaking, getting an apartment, and hot pot don’t happen everyday, or even every weekend. But I’m looking forward to more days like this one; high-paced and fulfilling in every way!