“Oh, no!” Dove shrieked and raced to the washing machine to yank open the lid. It was too late. I rushed after her to find her staring in disbelief at the tiny shreds of paper covering our blue jeans in their damp twisted heap in the middle of the spin cycle. The white shreds were the remains of Dove’s pocket-sized notebook where she had taken down names and phone numbers of the new friends we had met the previous day. She had inadvertently left it in her pocket, and now the contact info for at least 8 potential friends had been lost in the wash!

We stood there in stunned silence for a moment. The previous day we had met so many people, and we really felt like they had been put in our path for a reason. Now we had lost any ability to follow up with them. I was most disappointed because of the last two friends we had met the night before. We met David & Lianna at the end of a long day, when we were ready to eat a late dinner and go home. We had already met 20 girls, and we thought we were done for the day. We arrived at our favorite noodle restaurant only to find it so crowded that the only available seats were with a young couple out on a date. We soon got chatting with David & Lianna, who were happy to meet us and practice their English. They asked us if we could get together again, and we said maybe we could have dinner with them the following night since we were free. We agreed to give them a call the next day to make plans. Now, we had lost their number and had no way to reach them!

We decided that we would try our best to see them again, so Dove and I headed to the noodle restaurant where we’d met them and sat and waited. Forty-five minutes later, when we had begin to lose hope, who should walk up but David & Lianna?! We were so thrilled to see them, and told them what had happened and how we?d prayed that God would help us meet them again. They said they kept waiting for our phone call which never came, but at the last minute they decided to walk to the restaurant just in case we had shown up! We were all thrilled to be reunited, and enjoyed a nice evening together. When we prayed for our meal, they were intrigued, and asked, “Can you teach us how to pray?” This led into a great conversation about prayer, and how we can talk to God at anytime. I got to share with them how God has answered prayers in my life, and how much He cares about every detail of our lives. He obviously put this couple in our lives for a reason, and we know He is drawing them to Himself.