“Psst. Can I talk to you for a minute?” Sweetpea turned from the crowd of girls  surrounding her to see the face of the whispering girl who had slipped up next to her at the English Corner.

They both stepped away from the circle, and the girl introduced herself. “My name is Winter. My friend met you at this English corner last week, and told me she thinks you are a Christian. Are you?”

Sweetpea, my youngest team member, hesitated for a second trying to remember everything I had taught her about security at English Corners. Deciding it was safe to reply, she said “Yes, I am!”

Winter couldn't contain her excitement. She shared the news that she had prayed to  become a Christian three months earlier, when a short-term group of missionaries came through this city. She was left understanding only parts of the Gospel. For the past 3 months, she had been reading the Bible they gave her. Winter was eager to learn more: “Can you help me understand the Bible? Can we meet later so you can answer my questions…we should not talk here.”

Sweetpea was intrigued. That weekend she had dinner with Winter to find out more. Winter asked her if they can start meeting every week, and if she can bring along some of her friends who are interested in the Bible! Winter is so hungry to learn more about God!

I am excited to hear stories like this one! We have been asking God to bring us the students who are hungry to know Him – ones who will share their faith with others. We've only been here 3 weeks and He is already answering our prayers, bringing along students who are incredibly open to Him! Pray we'll find more friends like Winter this season!