“1 2 3 Go!” And our team was off. Together we quickly looked through the photos of statues to find on campus. The first statue needed one bike to complete the challenge, so May (a new and spunky Asian friend) used an app on her phone to unlock one of the hundreds of public bikes parked on campus. However, she kept unlocking bikes until everyone on our team had one! Not only did we complete the challenge involving the one bike, but we also were able to successfully complete all four challenges because we, unlike the other three teams, were not on foot. Because of May, our team won the entire day of challenges!

As part of our Easter outreach celebration, our team and our Asian friends spent half the day outdoors on campus participating in numerous team-building activities. It was fun! After eating and spending some time together, including hearing a short gospel presentation, we split up into guys and girls, and we had sleepovers at our teammates’ houses! This celebration was different this year and very well-done, thanks to our leader Enoch. Because of this great day, we got to deepen our relationships with our Asian friends while also enjoying beautiful weather and great food!

We are halfway through the semester now, and Eragon got an A on his midterm — yay! In one week, I (Saphira) am starting a time of transition between language study and ministry, where I will be doing a little of both. Please be praying for both of us as we push on and go toward what God is calling us to here!