My Anne-girl is getting married in two-and-a-half weeks to a great, godly man!

Do you remember Anne? She’s my girl! The young student who gave her life to God in 2009 when God spoke straight to my heart while I was on a morning run: “Today is Anne’s Day!” — and it was! God knew it! He let me be a part of seeing Him draw her to repentance and acceptance of His salvation that very day, just like He said.

Anne’s also the one who led her roommate Serene to the Lord that next year and now both these two women have been lit on fire with such commitment to share Jesus with their family, with the unreached people groups of that nation, and on the bustling campuses near where they live. Literally hundreds of people have heard the Gospel through them. I tell people: “If Anne was the only person I saw transformed by God during my years in Asia, it would have been worth every one of those four years.

Tonight I have it in my heart to ask for some extra prayer as we make a decision. We have been thinking and praying about whether or not to send me (Rozanne) for a long weekend over to be with Anne on her wedding.

The pros and cons are endless. But at the end of the day, we find ourselves torn… wanting deeply to be a part of Anne’s day to show her how much we value her, but desiring to be wise stewards of what God has given us.

We hunted and found an incredible round trip flight for less than $700 USD. This trip would cost monetarily, physically, and emotionally, and we are trying to factor that all in.

We value you and the ways you have invested in us and loved us. Would you pray with us on this decision and if you have any thoughts please let us know! We’re thankful for you.