The month of April has been an absolutely CRAZY month! We’ve encountered some incredible hardships as a team, but we are also seeing the church in a healthier place than it has ever been! Here are some of the highs and lows of the past few weeks:

I spent 2 weeks in Atlanta. I was able to check out the area and find neighborhoods I’d like to live in come September. I also connected with some area churches and was able to make some awesome friends. I absolutely loved Atlanta and felt that the trip was very confirming for what I feel the Lord has spoken about this next season.

While I was landing in San Francisco on my way to Atlanta, 5 of our Mexicans encountered some visa problems. That made the first few days of my trip pretty intense. We’ve been able to resolve the problem and keep them in Asia, but as a result, they have needed to add some extra trips to Hong Kong for extra visa renewals. The whole situation has added about $5,500 of unexpected expenses for the team. The Lord has miraculously provided $2,000 to help cover these costs already!

Also while I was in Atlanta, we saw the number of people in small groups here in the Du grow by 30%!

We’ve seen 3 female students (Evelyn, Echo and Effy) give their lives to the Lord in the past 2 weeks!

Do you remember Tina that got saved shortly after our Halloween party? Well, now she is leading 2 new believers in a her own small group!

CJL, a young man that gave his life to the Lord at the end of last semester, got baptized on Saturday!

And on a personal note, Bolt and I celebrated 2 years together 😀

The enemy might try to take us down, but our God is victorious! He cannot be stopped! He is growing the church here in the Du!