There are some moments that capture the essence of everything we do here stateside. One of those moments happened a couple weekends ago in our April Training weekend. We had 20+ young adults crammed into a living room. We worshiped, prayed, prophesied and responded to God together.


The tangible presence of God filled the room, as well as the wonderful smell of Chipotle, which we had catered for the evening. Now I’m not definitively saying revival goes hand-in-hand with a fresh burrito bowl — but I’m not saying it doesn’t either.

Anyhow, our night altogether was powerful to say the least. As the night concluded, we broke up into small groups and talked about what God did in our lives that evening. Everywhere there were stories of God’s love being intensely felt, prophetic words that were right on, I mean RIGHT ON, and also an awesome sense of growing community.

As it came time for a young college student named Alex to share, he just sat and looked around the room. Then he said, “These are my people. I mean, like, this is my community. I can’t wait to get to Asia and start sharing the gospel. In fact, I’m not going to wait until then; I’m going to start preaching the gospel as soon as I get back to my campus!”

That is what Campus Target is all about! Yes, we are giving our lives to start churches on Asian college campuses but we are also about igniting a movement of young people who will change the world for Jesus!

Thank you so much for praying into April Training. We felt such a strong sense of community like we never have before. It is amazing to see young people laying down their lives for the Kingdom of God.