Spring is here! We absolutely love the clean air, the fresh green color on the trees, the flowers blooming, the warm weather and the nice breeze. It is so nice and refreshing!

This past weekend our team had a big Easter outreach event, we ended up having 7 ladies sleep over at our home. I, Roxanne, had a blast having my ladies time and getting my nails done with them; Rocky didn’t love the idea of having his nails done that much, so he made popcorn and cleaned the house for us. The next morning, we had our Sunday morning EBS; and in the afternoon, we did egg hunting with other children and parents in our complex. At the end of the egg hunt, the parents had us share with the crowd why we do an egg hunt and celebrate Easter, and we got to share the good news briefly with them. That was a great experience! This was also our daughter’s very first egg hunt; she said it was tasty 😉

Speaking of our children, our daughter’s 2-year-old birthday is next week. She can do a lot of things and is capable of understanding and saying a lot of things now. She sometimes also helps me with taking care of her younger brother! Our son is turning 7 months this week; he is very strong and can crawl pretty fast now. He loves people and likes to eat adult food! It is such a privilege to have these two wonderful children! Last night Rocky and I realized that our children won’t need us this much forever; we cried.

Our business has also kept us busy. It is exciting to think about the opportunities it will bring, at the same time we are constantly learning more about what it takes to run a successful business. Currently, we have two classes going on and are working on promoting them. We have also started the process of helping one of our co-laborers in the work to apply for her working permit and visa, which is a big part of why we started this business!

Speaking of students: We have loved being friends to our students! They invited us out for hotpot, we got to listen to their stories, pray for them and share the good news with them. One of the students got connected to the rest of our team, and got saved a few days after her class.